Saturday, July 18, 2009

Took to the Air with the Greatest of Ease

My very favorite "Sex and the City" episode involved Carrie taking trapeze lessons. She was too afraid to let go of the bar and fly through the air, but surmised that the catch wasn't as important as her safety net. The camera then panned to her 3 best friends cheering her on, and it made me cry every single time.


Because I know that safety net. They are the people in my life that catch me every time, and cheer me on from the sidelines. And they make me fearless.

So fearless, in fact, that I actually flew on a trapeze last week. Me and the post-baby body took a trapeze mini-lesson and this is what followed:

And you know what? The 4 girls cheering me on reminded me that I do, indeed, have a fabulous safety net in life.