Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Things I Do for a Toddler

Evidence is mounting that my son has too many toys. When his bestie got a red car, I allegedly went straight to Babies R'Us and bought one for him. He was seriously in love with it- and the devil made me do it.


The drama happened when my husband had to work late and my son insisted on driving the car immediately.

"Easy" 50-step instructions:

I have a college degree- how hard can this be? Oh, my battered pride:

He wouldn't leave me alone, I wasn't assembling fast he drove it like this until bedtime:

After much concentration, bad words muttered under my breath, a screwdriver being thrown across the room and making my husband finish the job at midnight...I present....

And that ends my desire to do it all myself-I don't need help-my son wants this-I can totally follow directions.

1 comment:

Chells said...

Rollin' on the back wheels....that's how we do things.

Seriously the funniest pic I've ever seen........