Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Something occurred to me as I was shoving Oreos in my mouth for breakfast and my baby was watching, quite fascinated: I have bad eating habits, and he's starting to notice. Although I feed him organic oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, he's eventually going to catch on that's not what mommy eats, and want in on the fun food.

I am making a change, and I am insisting my husband help me.

We watch tv's Biggest Loser religiously. It's a reality show in which 20 obese contestants go on a hard-core eating and exercise plan in hopes of being the "biggest loser" and winning $250K. It's inspiring and informative to say the least. Although we're not in the kind of health trouble the contestants face, we need to make some changes.

So, I checked out Jillian Michael's, (the trainer on the show), book, "Making the Cut," and have a jump-start health plan for us to start next week. Bear in mind, I said health plan, not diet. To me, that means cutting out my Paula Deen casseroles, (oh, the humanity!), and injecting more fresh foods and lean meats. I'm going to make a point to schedule exericise and time to plan out healthy meals and snacks.

Alas, I might never have Jillian's abs and hiney. My husband wisely said he couldn't tell a difference, though. However, we have to start taking our health seriously and set up our little kiddo with a healthy future.

So, things might get cranky at our house for the month of October. Good-bye, my loves:

Hello, getting my butt kicked:


Trait said...

I don't remember signing up for this. Oh wait, yes I do. Promise not to yell at me like Jillian does, though! said...

As always, participants put all their efforts to losing as much weight, as they can. They reach for their goals under the supervision of two professional trainers - Jillian and Bob.As both trainers have their advantages, whose disciple will win the show?

Ty said...

Way to get on a health plan...I should probably do something similar.

Great. Thanks for putting that into my brain. Grrrr....

auntie said...

Example, example and example, you are so right Sara.
I know it is so hard to find the time to walk or run around the block a few times a day, but it has to be done in order to get health. Rain or snow it must be done.
My husband would rather stick pins in his eyes than walk with me, he thinks because he is thin, that he doesn't need to walk.
I explained to him (motherly),that walking will make his heart strong---he laughs as he downs another bag of potato chips. If he lives longer than me, I am really going to be pissed!!!

Jamie said...

I think it's great to give Cale a good example and train him in good eating habits, but remember that someday he will be faced with the temptation of "oreo's" when mom and dad are not around and the lesson of self control is just as important. Because oreo's are good in moderation.

auntie said...

"My name is Jimmy and I will take all you Gimmy"---my husbands favorite I was explaining to him in a motherly way (I am five years older), the vertures of moderation as I handed him a bag of oreo's, just last week.
"ok", he said, "does that mean I only get to eat half the bag of cookies instead of the whole bag at one setting?!!!!!!
After growing up with eight uncles and spending the last seventeen years with my husband and his son, and my own son, it is my humble opinion that the 'human male' can't be taught moderation when it comes to I wish you much luck in your effort, take my advice and find a good hiding place. My grandmother (bless her heart) would take the cookies and hide them under her side of the bed each night. No one ever knew but me--a young lady who understood and never had to be taught "all things in moderation". Exception---Blue Bell ice cream...all kinds. Blue Bell is the devil...evil, evil, evil stuff. I wonder if I might get a job working for them---I would have to leave my husband to do so, and no one would ever hear of me again, I'd be lost down there in the freezer at Blue Bell-- eating ice cream hummmmmmm.

Tiffany said...

I agree with Jamie, Oreos ARE good in moderation...but let me tell you a little "find" of mine recently, and it's truly for "special occasions" as they are a little more expensive than Oreos, but OH SO GOOD! They are called NewmanOh's (or something like that, a Paul Newman his soul) and Akin's carries them. I got them b/c sugar isn't working for me right now and even Ron LOVED them. :-)

And don't worry, "healthy" stuff can taste yummy, too...not as yummy as a cheesy goodness casserole, but yummy nonetheless. :-)

Staci said...

Sara, you've inspired me. I went out and bought the book myself the other night. I still have some convincing to do with Robert that Jillian's plan is better than our haberdashy approach to working out and eating better but I think I can win over all.