Friday, September 5, 2008

Having it All

The recent nomination of powerhouse Sarah Palin has been an exciting event for women everywhere. Although I am stoked at the possibility of change in government and a woman in the White House, my more selfish nature is a little overwhelmed by watching her balance 5 children, a husband and an incredible political career. Have I mentioned that getting to the grocery store is a major ordeal for me these days? How in the world could I take on government corruption as well??

I am still adjusting to the many changes that have come since December 27th:

What I would like to buy:

What I actually spend my money on:

How I would like to look while at home with my baby:

How I actually look while at home with my baby:

Message to Sarah Palin: Stop what you're doing, you're making me look bad!! (And, well, keep up the good work...I actually think you're a studmuffin even though just looking at you makes me tired!)

1 comment:

auntie said...

Sara...WWJMS 'What would Joyce Myers Say'?
I know you are a fan of hers. I happen to catch her program early this morning.
She talked about haveing little talks with ourselves when we need it. Note to self:
I will have confidence in myself no matter what. The bible speaks of this and how our many hero's like David...would often have talks with himself to encourage himself though prayer.

We all are so encouraged by Sara P. she is unbelieveable!!!
When I grow up I would like to be like her!!!
When God sends us a Super Woman for the nation---he always SHOWS OFF.
You go God!!! We expect the best from you and you never fail us. Thanks
auntie phil

ps Sara T.
keep up the good work and hold down the Fort!!!