Monday, August 31, 2009

Leopard Energy

My B/F/F and I were shopping recently, (the first time since we both decided that we couldn't wait to be mommies and got pregnant at the same time.) Our wild ones were with grandparents and it was blissful just walking through the mall with no noses to wipe, no diapers to change, no kid's meal to order....just peace and Starbuck's.

We went to our favorite store and saw this:

Our peace was disturbed. We groaned.

"I just don't have the energy to wear leopard prints anymore," she said.

Brilliant...that statement sums up life since motherhood.

Chapstick has replaced red lipstick, short skirts have been replaced by anything with an elastic waist, shopping sprees are now a good, sturdy shirt from Target and traveling has been replaced by breaking out in hives at the thought of flying with toddlers. We mourn it often during our daily chats, then get over it when it's time to pay attention to the ketchup-faces.

But, at the end of the day, we both rock our babies to sleep, smell their hair, kiss their cheeks and remember that this is, indeed, a season. So we snuggle in with them and put the leopard prints on a shelf for a few years...

Three weeks later, I invited my fabulous sister and her fun friends up for a birthday weekend. As I was cleaning up after they left, I discovered someone left behind a leopard thong. I laughed.

Nope, just don't have the energy for leopard, in any form, anymore...


Trait said...

My bad. I didn't mean to leave my thong lying around.

Tracey said...

Enjoy those babies! There's plenty of time for the leopard prints later!

Minters - The Other Side of the Story said...

I loved this one. My sentiments exactly. Well, except for the kids meals...bc my kid won't eat anything! :-)

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, that is some of your best writing yet!!!! Keep it coming, Tissy!