Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Soothing Black Dress

The little dude and I had a bad day. There, I said it.

It's been a jumps out of his crib-wants to be held all day-screams when Mommy works on wedding stuff-escapes from timeout-hits Mommy in the face-acts like an angel when Daddy gets home- kind of day.

It's my blog, I'll tattle if I want to.

I loaded him and his attitude up for an evening trip to the mall. We had to get out of the house or risk a Queen vs. the Little Prince showdown.

As soon as I entered the mall, I found my zen. You know what's soothing? Beautiful black dresses from Black House White Market. I took one look at my lacy dream dress, (at the 'bargain price' of $198), and I felt the stress slide off my shoulders. I tried not to notice that he was not happy with my browsing.

We fell back in love at the end of the shopping trip.

This is the face of a little boy that is developing a will....

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Leslie said...

He's so cute, attitude and all :)