Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happiness is a Mess

What is this little boy so happy about?

1. Mommy let him make a mess. Unfettered.
2. Mommy did not cringe when he put paint in his ear, up his nose and in his mouth.
3. Mommy did not lecture him about the poor nutritional value of finger paint.
4. Mommy took him to Target with remnants of paint in his ear, up his nose and caked in his fingernails.
5. He got to do it again the next day with Lola. She painted her entire body green; he chose blue.

*This is a face of a boy whose Mommy is learning to lighten up. Slowly.


mamaw said...

life is too short to fuss too much. pick your battles and enjoy this fleeting time you have with him now. they grow up too fast.

Tracey said...

A valuable lesson...learning to lighten up!