Monday, November 2, 2009

A Halloween Tale

There once was a little boy that was properly outfitted to be a pirate for Halloween:

Then, in a mad dash for adventure, he ran smack into this freshly-painted wall:

In a mad dash to Target, Mommy found this:

There was much sadness until SuperBoy realized that, in this fancy costume, his muscles grew to amazing sizes:

He could fly through the neighborhood, surveying the land for dastardly deeds:

He could climb tall cow fences:

And, he could tame a wild beast with a mighty command:

Yes, indeed, Superboy had a miraculous transformation that Halloween night. I will not bring up when Princess Emma made him eat all of his dinner.

It would ruin his image.


Tracey said...

I was sure looking for Superman holding Daddy's hand!

Ty said...