Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Real Weight Watchers

I don't use my blog to rant.

Forgive me for breaking my own rule today.

When did it become okay to tell a pregnant woman personal opinions and observations about her weight?  Was this acceptable at some point in history? Is this one of those things that has gone to the wayside with a more politically correct society, yet some older folks still think it's okay to say any damn thing that comes to their mind when they see a pregnant woman?

In the past month, in no particular order, these comments have been directed towards me:

-Don't worry, you look good fat.
-You're more HUGE every day!
-You've really spread out with this pregnancy.
-Hey, FATSO!

Awesome.  But not really.

I present the only acceptable things to say to a woman that is already feeling insecure about her growing body:

-You look stunning!
-You need to eat, can I buy you some icecream?
-You are radiant- you glow!
-How lucky is this baby?!

I am confident that those comments will prevent a preggo from bursting into tears and having a meltdown upon looking in the mirror.

Thank you.  I am done.  I am off to reclaim some of my dignity and get over myself.

The end.

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Katherine said...

You DO look lovely and were glowing when I saw you. Let's put it to his: people are morons...the end. At one point in the GROCERY a random man came up to me and told me about this article he gad read, and wondered if it was true that heredity played a large part in obesity. I was soooo astounded, I was speechless.