Sunday, January 22, 2012

Raising a Daughter

Guy Delcambre's blog post, Saving a Little Girl, got me thinking tonight.

I have a little girl now; I think I'm still surprised about it.  I was so sure my life would be full of a herd of little boys, and then she came along:

Oh my,  how I adore this little sweet pea.  When I hold her and think about this special mother-daughter relationship that I get to have with her, I am often reduced to tears.  I want to tell her everyday how wonderful, lovely and amazing she is.  I want her to know how much her Jesus loves her.  I want her to be strong, confident and exactly who she was put on this earth to be.  I want to shield her from all of the ugly this world hurls on females.

I know the wolves will come.  They will lie to her, they will try to rob her confidence and steal her joy.  I got a small glimpse of it when a well meaning friend hoped my healthy daughter would be "thin and beautiful" when she outgrew her fat rolls.   I tried very hard not to kick my friend in the shins for such a ridiculous remark.

So I started making a plan:

I will not call myself fat.  (Idea mooched from Sarah at Emerging Mummy)
I will not refer to the little dudes in her life as "boyfriends."  (Seriously, why start that crap?)
I will encourage health; not skinny and airbrushed.
I will build her up.
Lastly, and most importantly, her father and I will stand between her and that pressure with our big Can o' Whoop Ass.  

Because she's our girl.


Ginger said...

Oh Momma, they just get more and more lovely as they grow. Now, we are only 7 years into this and haven't hit the teenage years and as I write this she is eating her dry cereal out of the bowl like a puppy but really, they are just very special.
I read this article the other day in Huffington Post (gotta keep an eye on the other "side") and thought this was very well stated.

Katherine said...

I ABOSLUTELY agree. It is important to be HEALTHY, not "model" stereotyped. I love the other ideas about not putting ourselves down, etc. as well. :)

Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

Love it, Sara. You GET it. xoxo

Erin said...

I cannot stand the boyfriend talk with tots. Ugh!! My mom-in-law does it. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!