Monday, February 13, 2012

Mooched Mommy Idea #16: Defeating Winter Chap

Babies with chapped cheeks bum me out.  It looks painful and I want to smear lotion all over their sweet faces.  Even if they're not my babies...which would be I keep my lotion to myself.

Winter chap and the kisses from 6 grandparents could leave my babies with red and raw cheeks, but my Mom mooched this idea when my sis and I were babies and shared it with me:

Mary Kay's Night Emmolient Cream...better known as "the pink stuff.'

It's amazing.  I would never lead you astray when it comes to beauty products, my friends.  I put the thick goo on my babies' faces every day and they have yet to get chapped cheeks or lips.  It can withstand the dryness that the winter brings and I even use it on my face if it starts to get itchy and uncomfortable.

Go buy some right away.  Your skin will thank you.  To my 3 male readers:  you are not too manly for the pink stuff, get yourself to your local Mark Kay rep immediately.

Happy baby cheeks:


deluxeokc said...

Sara's always bugging me about my face being dry. If only it came in blue... Can't do pink.

Sara said...

For the non pink folks-grape seed oil is pretty fab if you just cant force yourself to put pink on your face (this is for your male readers) ;)