Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Can't Help It!

Every mommy gets more unsolicited advice than they will ever want. I used to get all testy when a well-meaning mom would give me suggestions. How dare she! Of course, now that I am a mom, I find myself "sharing my thoughts" before biting my tongue when I realize I'm doing the exact same thing I used to gripe about. Even though I think I have some fabulous tips, I will keep them to myself unless asked...and, write them on my blog to no one in particular.

What I've Learned in the First Year of Mommyhood: Part I

1. Stop reading so many parenting books, they'll make you crazy. My husband was going to revoke my library card at one point. That said, these are my only recommendations:
  • Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth (the baby sleep BIBLE!)
  • The Baby Book by Dr. William Sears
  • The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood by Dr. William Sears
  • Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron
  • Baby Laughs by Jenny McCarthy (she's hilarious and I needed a laugh!)
2. Try the attachment parenting theory when they're newborn, there is NO FREAKING WAY you will ever put a newborn on a schedule until they're fat, happy and less gassy. you'll start sleeping again around 4-months.

3. Get over life never being the same.

4. You know those nice clothes you used to wear? Get yourself to Wal-Mart and be introduced to your new wardrobe for the next few years. Yeah, you know you look sexy in those Hanes t-shirts! Work it, baby!

5. Krispy Kreme has a drive-thru. Use it on those really bad days. Don't even be ashamed.

6. Things to register for: A Medela Breastpump, a video monitor, (it's not a waste of money if you're paranoid like me and check on your baby every 10 minutes..), a bottle warmer, and an easy stroller.

7. Get out of the house at least once every day. Fresh air is revitalizing.

8. Give your baby 1tsp of flax oil everyday after they're 6 months old and you will never have constipation drama again. Try to make sure your husband is on duty when that flax kicks in.

More to come, I have to get this all out before my friend has her first baby. It's like I have advice diarrhea!


Minters - The Other Side of the Story said...

Amen sista!!!!

auntie said...

I would like to also mention that the first two years will seem like the longest period of you whole life, but right after potty training---all will go by like the speed of lighting.
Speaking of potty training, if I remember right- you were trained before the age of two yrs. Your mom said you had a sweet tooth for sweet tarts. And so, I finally bribed my son into potty taining after three months of calling everyone I knew for help--- I was desperate to get him out of those diapers!! He finally gave it up for Easter candy. And so my advise today is:
WHAT EVER WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That had to have been the grandest day of my life, DONE WITH THE DIAPERS...YEAHHHHHHHHHH
Your mom really knows her stuff!

TClayton said...

I'm taking notes, I'm taking notes! LOL! Thanks for blazing the trail. :-)

Flaxseed oil is YOUR friend, too. he hee