Friday, November 7, 2008

My Rampage

I didn't want to be that mom.

You know, the know-it-all that walked into her pediatrician's office with an armload of research and 1,000 questions to squeeze into a 10-minute well-baby check-up.

And then he came along, and I can't stop reading and questioning.

I'm learning, after countless hours of research and interviewing, that the current load of vaccinations given to children could have an adverse affect on their health. There are compelling arguments for both sides:

Why would I subject my baby to a disease if I could protect him from it?

Why would I inject my baby with a substance that has been linked to autoimmune disorders or, quite possibly, autism?

I thought my biggest battles would be the sleepless nights and the "extra love" that hangs over my jeans now. Not so much. I've scoured the library and the internet looking for information to give me peace and knowledge about vaccinating our son. I've quizzed parents, nurses, doctors and health nuts, trying to find a solid answer. I've been told a range of things from, "stand your ground, girl, this is your baby and the doctors don't know everything," to, "there needs to be more vaccinations because, praise Jesus, they are just wonderful."

I trust my mommy instinct. I trust, after all of my reading, that the mommies are on to something, and they won't be quiet about it until appropriate research is done into this very important matter. So, I'm going to continue researching, asking and terrorizing my pediatrician. (I think I'll bake her cookies next time...)

Why be a nutcase about it?

Because he's worth it- and I'm just a little nutty anyway.


auntie said...

You are not alone IN YOUR RAMPAGE. And the scary part is...the doctor's don't know anymore than you do about it!!! I take that back---you have time to do more research than they do. I use to believed Doctor's knew everything about everything at one time in my life...but then I grew up.
When you finally find out how little doctors keep up with the flow--- IT IS DARN SCARY!!! Our doctor's are in the DARK AGES! No body wants to believe that... It scares us all!!! We all go to them like blind sheep... into the office's and take our pills and shots like good little sheep. I found out years later the pill I was given for morning sickness (bendicten) actualy stayed in the brain of my child FOREVER causing ADD. It was pulled off the market...but what about my child now!!! My child has had to compensate all his life for this problem he has, all because I trusted the durn doctor. No Sara, you have a point and you have a brain ... keep growing that back bone---I have!!! Don't be the stupid sheep I was. Keep doing your homework and keep us all informed. There are those who want to keep up.

Jamie said...

Mommy insticts ROCK!!!!!!!!
(and knowledge is power)

Jamie said...

oops typo "instincts"

help, I need spell check.