Friday, November 28, 2008


My New Year's resolution in 2007 was to have an "attitude of gratitude." At the time, I had become a whiny 5th grade teacher that complained more than my share about my students, salary, and loneliness. So, I made it a point to reverse that rottenness and focus on the fabulous things in life.

In the spirit of my '07 resolution, here's my "Thankful List" for 2008:

-A little boy that laughs at puppies, cries when his Daddy leaves for work and holds my heart in his pudgy, little hands

-A husband that says "you were right" on occasion and brings me flowers or cheese fries when I've had a bad day.

-Being 1 hour from my family instead of 7

-My incredible friends that run when I need them, laugh when I screw up and don't really mind that I feel I am a medical expert now that I have a baby

-My family, who have given me such a rich heritage and such a warm place to come home

-My husband's family, who make life so much fun

-The annual family football game, especially since I didn't get picked last this year

-A new home with my very own bathroom and hot pink laundry room

-A Dad that listens, a Mom that encourages and a little sister that kicks arse

-A God that loves me....truly, really loves me


Trait said...

You're right more often than not, it's just so hard to admit sometimes. Ha!

I'm so thankful for my beautiful wife and the awesome mother of my boy. The two of us won the lottery with you.

auntie said...

Sara, you captivated my heart when you were born, and you will always be able to touch me and bring the sunshine in.
You are as sparkling
as the fall,
as much fun as the winter holidays, as temperamental as spring,
or as lovely as a summer afternoon.
You are esecially dear to those who know you best, bless your heart and may our God always bless you and your family.