Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Got Schooled by Grandma

My quest for better health and firmer buns is going quite well. I get up at 5:30 and get myself to the gym a whopping 3-4 days a week.

I've been at it about a month now and I decided to try a spinning class. Eek! Spinning is 20 people pedaling for an hour and it apparently burns 400-700 calories. Count me in, I just ate an entire cow at Texas Roadhouse last night. With fries and ranch dressing.

The instructor got me set up on my bike and I made sure that she knew it was my first time, (that way, if I fell off or crapped out 20 minutes into it, there would be no judgment.) I was right next to a tiny, elderly lady. Okay, great, no pressure. She even encouraged me:

"Hello, dear. I just do my best, too. I usually can't finish an entire class, but I'm here! You just do what you can!"

I felt myself relax as I was enveloped in her sweetness.

Then the music started and something happened.

She, in all her 60-year-old glory, took off like the devil was chasing her. She pumped her legs in her short shorts, (that's when I noticed how oddly toned they were), she yelled at the instructor, she moved to the beat and she left me in her dust. I would also like to mention that she did, indeed, finish the entire class.

There was nothing sweet about her, after all. And my new fitness goal is to keep up with Grandma. look as good in short shorts.


Trait said...

How dare she act all sweet like that and then pedal like a maniac. If I ever see her in the gym, I will give her a very dirty look.

Ty said...

Grandma's are know she's telling all the old hens she hangs with how she smoked this young chick in the spin class.

You must train hard and you must crush this woman. The bragging grandma needs a life lesson.

Tracey said...

Hey! watch it! We grandmas work really hard for those toned bodies!!