Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Lurks in the Living Room

"Sara, I got the baby something, but it's kind of scary."

You never want to hear your Dad say these words. Hmmm...the only time I've seen my Dad scared was when I was sneaking some midnight Oreos in the kitchen and he thought I was a burglar and came out of his room with a gun. He's a hard man to scare.

Apparently my Dad bought something at the zoo, and my son was either going to "love it or it was going to scare the sh** out of him." Excellent. Just what a mommy wants to get in the mail.

Then, it arrived:

It does not, in fact, scare my one-year-old. I, however, have screamed twice and almost wet myself once when I walked in the living room and forgot it was there. This frog has certainly tested my New Year's Resolution to clean up my mouth. Frickin' Frog.

My son has a different opinion:

He has carried it around all morning on his many adventures. He seems to have his Grandaddy's tolerance for scary things. Lord, help me!


Kelli said...

Haha! What are grandfather's for?!

Tracey said...

Too cute! I think his grandaddy is great!