Monday, April 20, 2009

Hiney Issues

Why do I think it is my personal failure when my son has diaper rash?

I know, I talk about diapers and poo a lot. Forgive me, that's what consumes much of my time now that I am a domestic goddess. All manner of poo problems require my undivided attention and research.

So, imagine my dismay when his Sunday School teacher told me his little tush was bleeding the rash was so bad.

I didn't overreact or anything...

Nope, not me.


Sarah said...

You know, Joe had a bad one a few months ago. We cured it by laying him down on the bed, sans diaper, and then turned the hair dryer on it, very low heat. He LOVED it (who wouldn't?) and it cleared it up. Then we'd put the stuff on. I think it just dried it out, warmed him up (for some relief) and then his skin reacted well with the medicine.

I also swear by the Arbonne diaper cream. If you'd like to add another to your list.

Casey said...

Okay so leaving this post is bound to evoke every mommy to give you her two cents. So here is mine.... (I fought it, but couldn't help myself!) One time Charli (my oldest) got a diaper rash around 18 mos old that just wouldn't go away and was reaaaalllly bad. One old lady I know gave me her "recipe" (I know sounds is!!) She told me to mix A&D ointment with Maalox. SO weird. BUT IT WORKED! I just mixed a little in a very small jar (have to stir a lot) and used it for a few days and the rash went away. This is definitley not "researched" or doctor proven, but I did run it by a doctor and he said that the maalox could work because its an antacid and it would counteract the acid in the baby's system that could make the rash worse, or hard to get rid of. There you have it. Good luck.

Sara Beth Criner said...

Haha you are so cute:)

Sara said...

Thank you! I'm always looking for new ideas!!