Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Evening with Erin Conrad and Reasors

I love photography.

Imagine my thrill when Erin Conrad asked my husband and me to do a photo shoot at the grocery store. She asked the right people to come along: stares do not embarrass us, management does not scare us and I'll pose by coffee creamer any day!

Before you look, I would like to make a few points:

1. I always have on lipstick, curl my hair and wear high heels when I go grocery shopping. Naturally.

2. She asked me to actually sit in the shopping cart for a fun picture, but my jeans were so tight I was afraid I would give the nice shoppers at Reasors an inappropriate show. That's why I'm just standing on it....

3. I have been craving Lucky Charms for 3 days now. Oh, Lucky Charms...I want you.

4. My husband has not gone grocery shopping in 5 years; I have no idea what he was inspecting on the eggs.

5. The Mommy in me took over when I saw organic quinoa. Erin was very patient while I had a moment with the whole grain selection. It's very strange what excites me these days....

You can see the shots here


The Mills Gang said...

Those are fabulous!! How fun!!

Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

How, how, HOW are you so gorgeous!? Loved these photos. You two are just the right personality for a grocery store photoshoot. That one of you with the Lucky Charms and him with the Raisin Bran sums up your relationship in one photo! Total framer. Love it. (And did my eyes deceive me in that photoshoot....was that quinoa being measured?)

Brian and Julie Woolery said...

Sara, these are so fun! And you look incredible! :)