Thursday, April 14, 2011

On God and Jello

The most important part of our weekly grocery trip is when my son gets to choose his Jello color.  It is a very important decision, my dear readers.  He wakes up talking about it, "Mommy, today I'm gonna get BLUE Jello!  Or maybe YEWWWOW!"

We discuss this vital choice on the car trip there, carefully weighing cherry Jello against orange Jello.  When we finally get to the beautiful Jello display, I allow him to stand up in the cart so he can make a fully informed decision.  He'll choose, and then change his mind.  He'll put his hand up to his chin in deep comtemplation.  He'll freak out a litte, "RED!  NO-WAIT PURPLE!  NO STRAWBERRY!"  and he'll do this until I tell him he has one more minute to decide.  He'll scrunch up his face in great concentration, and make his choice.

I had a revelation as I watched him pour over this decision:  Is this what my life decisions look like to God?  You know, the choices I agonize over on a daily basis?  Does God chuckle when I lose sleep over those decisions that seem so HUGE to me, but that actually won't, you know, make the world stop spinning?  That maybe I take myself a little too seriously sometimes and all it is is a stinkin' Jello decision?  I kind of think I've been schooled by my 3-year-old yet again.

And I further proved it to myself as I stressed about our house:  Do we drop the price?  Do we lease it?  Will I live with my Dad forever??  As I went a little nuts, I felt a chuckle in my heart and heard, "Blue Jello or Purple Jello?"

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Ging said...

I just posted this post on facebook. What a wise observation you have made. Miss ya girl.