Monday, April 11, 2011

PregoFit: Week One (I am Sore)

As I downed my second bowl of Lucky Charms last week, I had a revelation that I needed to take better care of myself and my little cupcake, (what I am calling the baby.)  I went from only being able to hold down baked potatoes and crackers in my first trimester to the blessed 4th month where I ate everything in sight.

I could use a little balance.

So, I ordered PregoFit, a total body work-out for each month of pregnancy, and did my very first workout since my 7th week.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm soft and jiggly right now and it was painful.  However, after trying out several wimpy pregnancy work-outs with my first pregnancy, (sitting on a chair, breathing and stretching didn't really do anything...), I was pleasantly surprised to get my butt kicked by Kristin.  She's not afraid to actually, you know, WORK OUT while pregnant.  She modifies each work-out to the specific month you're in while inflicting a little pain and smiling the whole time.

I was not able to smile the whole time, though.

I did, however, feel I was getting a great work-out.  My muscles are sore and I'm excited to find an exercise program that will keep me strong during my pregnancy and after.

Look out, Gisele Bundchen, I just might put you to shame....

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