Tuesday, August 5, 2008


As I opened a kid-friendly box of Cheerios, I was greeted by this:

Seriously? The movie is PG-13, his mouth has been ripped open by a knife, and you people want our kids to play with this thing?? I made a very "outraged consumer" phone call to Cheerios. I have no doubt that they are furiously trying to correct their blunder...


Phyllis Emig said...

Babies make humble people out of all of us, for instance: there is not more humbling than changing a very stinky diaper wooooooooooeee!!!puwee!!!

phyllis emig said...

Now we know: Cheerios, are not kid friendly and must be put to death.
We have one hero who will do the dirty deed---and that would be
'Mighty Sara'
God Bless and keep up the good work---we all stand behind you.