Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To My Mom and My Aunts

I don't know how anyone makes it through life without the kind of Mom and Aunts I have. True, they're not "blood" aunts, but we like to think God forgot to put us in the same family. (Is that irreverent?) They are my wisest counsel and closest confidants. And, most importantly, all 3 of them are a helluva good time.

To My Mom and Aunts:

Thank you for showing me grace when your fabulous advice was met with deaf ears and a roll of my eyes.

Thank you for seeing me through every badly-chosen boyfriend, and reminding me that the "right one" is out there, (and...he was, indeed!)

Thank you for not letting me out of the house when I stuffed my bra with cotton balls. (Yes, I now agree that it looked "unnatural.")

Thank you for watching with delight when we all did a synchronized swimming routine. You even took pictures.

Thank you for nursing me through a bad experience with tequila. I forgive you for putting Taco Bell on my pillow and then laughing hysterically when I ran for the bathroom.

Thank you for bringing me gourmet chocolate cake when I was pregnant.

Most importantly, thank you for walking with me through life and bringing the fun factor to maximum potential. You make my life richer and I love you madly.

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