Monday, August 18, 2008

A Day in the Life of Mommy

One of my soon-to-be mommy friends asked what a day in the life of a domestic goddess looks like:


*It's a race to see who's needs are greater: His dirty diaper or my cup of coffee that will help deal with said diaper.
*Next, it's onto the breakfast table to shovel in a bowl full of oatmeal and fruit. I started teaching him sign language, so I try and add that in when he's not spitting his oatmeal at me.
*I look in the mirror to check on my tummy fat, and decide that I can still excuse it as "baby weight."
*I wipe the spit-up off my shirt and decide the shirt doesn't need to be changed....yet

*I look at my "to-do" list and am bummed that nothing is crossed off yet.
*I play with my baby on the floor because that seems more important than my chores.
*I run around like mad, performing various domestic goddess duties, (cleaning toilets, vacuuming the carpet, brushing my teeth, ect.) I might get a salary reduction if I don't keep up with these things.
*Late afternoon, I sit in front of the vanity and make an attempt with my make-up and hair products to look sexy and refreshed.

*I throw the little guy in my husband's arms and race to finish dinner. On a good night, there's vegetables involved. Sometimes, though, it's Hamburger Helper and toast.
*I act super-busy so that my husband will change the baby's diaper and give him a bath.
*Trait will, in fact, give him a bath but then I go hang out with them anyway because there's nothing cuter than a baby splashing and trying to eat a rubber duck.
*The little guy goes to bed so I can spend quality time with my main man, which usually involves romantic interaction and relaxation....or dishes and collapsing on the couch.

I'm glad I worked so hard for my college degree.


Jamie said...

love the blog. Very inspiring. Made me remember when I had 3 and wondered if I would ever have a "normal" life again. Now that I do, I can't wait for my kids and grandkids to come over (it's just better now- they like to leave)

kristena marie said...

This is my life. This is my life. This is my life. This is my life. This is my life. This is my life. :) Seriously. There's way too much truth in there.

P.S. I found you through the Oklahoma Blog group. I'm in Tulsa. How about you?

Tiffany said...

I am FINALLY getting a chance to read this, the past month has been a blur with all the confusion on my tests, etc....THANK YOU so much for writing it all down, I LOVE it! ...well, I love that you wrote it down, I'll need some time to actually "love" doing all of this - at least for the time I'm home on maternity leave. :-) This helps me not feel so much pressure to do EVERYTHING! You rock, DG. :-)