Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fancy Goes to the Mall

I ran over my cell phone.

I wasn't mad or PMS-ing, it was just an unfortunate consequence of being too busy and having a sick baby. Being without a phone proved to be similar to being without my morning coffee, so I made a mad dash to Sprint to correct the problem.

Looking back, I can only imagine how I looked as I stormed into the mall, spotted an available Sprint employee from across the room and shouted:

"I ran over my phone! Don't try to sell me anything fancy, I don't text, I don't bluetooth, I don't internet and I don't take pictures! I have a sick baby and I NEED A NEW PHONE NOW!"

I must have looked frightening in my sweats with Velveeta plastered on them and my lack of hair products and lipstick, (sadly, I am one of those people who look ghastly without lip color). I should have looked in the mirror before I went to the mall on the weekend after Thanksgiving. You know, the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

Within 10 seconds of my grand entrance, I had 4, yes 4, employees setting up my phone, filling out my rebate form, and taking my credit card. The sweet employee was telling me the features of my new phone and somehow slipped this in:

"You know, ma'am, this our most dependable, sturdy and strongest phone. It's not fancy, kind of like you, but it's so reliable."

Yep, that's me now: sturdy, strong and not a bit fancy. Maybe it was the Velveeta that gave it away?


Ty said...

Oh...he did not go to the same salesperson school that I did. I would've gone with, "You know this phone is just what a lady like you needs: it's not fancy but it's strong, sturdy, and dependable. Better than any husband."

And then I would've winked.

Sorry, Trait.

Trait said...

So that's how you get the ladies at Best Buy to purchase the Hoovers, brother? Better not give away too many secrets or they'll be wise to your game.

As for my wife, she's much fancier than I'll ever be.

auntie said...

WHAT!!! This sales person DID NOT even attend salesperson school...and of course she needs glasses...poor thing is blind as a bat. Sara you are a 'TEN', you look beautiful dressed up or down, which is more than the bat can say. You must exnor all bats...they shouldn't be let out of their caves in the day light with cool people like you Sara. If I were you I would call the bat patol and have her picked up.

Sarah said...

Oh, girl! You are cracking me up! Needed that laugh today!

Tracey said...

That's just about the funniest thing I've ever read...right up there with Ty's story about the undies frozen to the steps!

Tracey said...

P.S. I remember being in the grocery store when Trait was 2 and I was nine months pregnant with Ty and my belly grazed the huge pyramid of apples and they ALL came tumbling down!