Saturday, January 24, 2009

And my Search for the Perfect Body Continues

This day was inevitable:

15 extra post-baby pounds ------------------check
Horrible pregnancy over---------------------check
Rib back in place after horrible pregnancy----check
Calories stabilized after breast-feeding-------check
Detox diet completed------------------------check
5 personal trainer sessions-------------------check
No motivation to work-out at home---------- double check

Our unmotivated family joined a gym today. (I am including my 1-year-old in this category as he refuses to walk as he likes to be toted around.) I love the feeling I get when I join a gym. Such high aspirations. Such wonder at the high-energy classes and European-style equipment. I feel myself getting firmer just looking at the weight machines. I think of my tan self frolicking at the beach this summer with no jiggly bits. (The tan will be sprayed on, but it's not half bad.)

I know all to well the reality that our 1-year contract demands. Up at 5:30 to work out before my husband goes to work. Sweating to Britney Spears tunes and cursing because I don't have her abs yet. Wanting to snuggle in bed instead of putting on my workout clothes and driving to the gym.

After watching 2 seasons of "The Biggest Loser," it's time to do that one, little thing that the show asks: make your health a priority. I'm in my 30's, (ick, yuck, gag), now. This must be more important than the petty excuses.

And, seriously, freakin' Faith Hill looks like this at 40:

She's had 3 kids, come on Sara!


Casey said...

First of all...who cares what Faith Hill looks like. She doesn't live in the real world. Someone buys her food for her and cooks it for her. And I am sure someone wakes her up everday and trains her for 4 hours a day in her own personal home gym. That's just not right. (I could be wrong about all that...but every other celeb is that way if she's not. We'll just go with that) HA!

Second, you can do it!! I drag my kiddos to the gym just about every week day for my "me" time.

Chells said...

That dumb country crooner's got nothing on your hotness! That's airbrushing at it's best