Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Just Going to Lay It Out There

Our newly elected president makes me nervous.

I was not on the "Obama is going to solve our problems/bring peace on earth/boy, isn't he a hottie" bandwagon. Indeed, I was seriously bummed for a few days after the election. His voting record was alarming to me and certain ideals that I hold sacred. His sudden rise to power in a city reeking with the politically corrupt made me suspicious from the start. I also try to make it a point never to side with celebrities, (honestly, I think Oprah's losing her marbles!)

But, what's done is done and I plopped on my couch yesterday to watch the Inauguration Celebration. Apart from the media salivation and the crowd's shameful treatment of George Bush, I found spite of myself, feeling hopeful and inspired.

I listened to Rick Warren's prayer and cried. President Obama made his speech, and I cried some more. I felt my heart wanting to believe that our country was making a change for the better. I whooped when he gave a shout-out to mommies raising their children. I felt pride when he spoke of those things that are "old and true." Most of all, I felt a sense of responsibility when he reminded us of those who came before us and the sacrifice they made for us. For this day. For this future. And, as he admonished, it's time to "put away childish things."

I was humbled.

I'm still nervous, but I'm hopeful and standing behind President Barack Obama.


Jamie said...

I thought you worshiped Oprah? At least we know Him who is bigger...oops did I say that?

Trait said...

You are a gifted and eloquent writer, my dear wife. I'm jealous of your talents...and your hotness.

♥georgie♥ said...

Bravo! Beautifull stated!

Ty said...

Um...Chicago does not "reek", thank you very much. Sadly, Chicago's corruption is like a pretty girl's's supposed to stink, yet apparently never does. If it did, maybe then we'd clean it up. If it did Pres. Obama's siren call would not have had a chance of stirring the masses to point our ship toward the rocks of socialism and nationalization.

I'm full of descriptive language today...perhaps I should blog.

Tracey said...

Do I want him (Obama) to succeed? Depends on what you call succeed. His pen strokes have already undone major strides that were made toward eliminating abortion. The White House website changed within minutes of his inauguration, indicating very disturbing initiatives. I continue to pray Psalm 1 over him, and may God have mercy on him.