Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Domestic Goddess Beauty Product Nominations

It's award season and I'm handing out awards for the one thing in life I know best. (not cooking, not homemaking, not mothering for sure...)

Beauty Products

I am a self-admitted product whore. My cabinets, shelves and linen closet are overflowing with creams, sprays, potions and other such miracle workers. Tell me a lotion will change my life and I'm the first one to Ulta that day. I have taken over the entire shower as well. My husband has one tiny shelf in which to put his shampoo and soap.

Without further ado, here are my 2009 nominations:

Mary Kay Night Emollient Cream
This stuff is pure moisture. I've used it on my baby's cheeks all winter and they're soft and smooth. It's great for lips and under your eyes, too.

Bigelow Rose Salve
Nice, mild scent and keeps your lips kissable all winter. Except when you have coffee breath.

Ulta Minerals Finishing Powder
Has the power of concealer, base and finishing powder all in one. It goes on fast and covers all manner of facial drama. (Including when one stays up all night to finish the latest book in the "Twilight" saga.)

Avon Eye Color Cream

Goes on smooth and the vanilla color makes your eyes bright and sparkly all day.

Burt's Bee Apricot Baby Oil

Not for the baby, for your legs. Put on post-shower and top it off with lotion. You'll be so silky and soft! It smells amazing, too.

Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer

Has an SPF of 30 for all of you porcelain princesses like me. My dermatologist said that all post-30 ladies should wear at least a 30 SPF to prevent sunspots on the face. (Sunspots cost $900 to erase with laser light pulses.)

Anything by Arbonne

No, I don't sell it. I've just never used a bad product from this company. I especially love the eye cream, night cream and self-tanner.

This will be in my Heaven:

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NealNews said...

I don't think I knew this about you. I'm love the beauty products as well but am always to cheap to actually buy them. What if they don't work!? I'll keep your list handy. I may have to buy some since you've tested them out.