Friday, May 29, 2009

Illegal Fun

No, I didn't do drugs in Switzerland. I just signed up for canyoning when my sister told me I "probably didn't have the guts." (Yes, I would, in fact, jump off a cliff if she told me to....but that is for the next post.)

Fresh from our water rafting adventure, we set off the next day to partake in the illegal and dangerous activity known as "canyoning." Apparently, this involved more full body gear and jumping off very large waterfalls and hoping for the best. What made this adventure even more appealing were the cute, Swiss guides and the beer and cheese they promised at the end of the trail.

And off we went:

We had to repel down the side of the mountain. This is the instructor trying to get me to do tricks in my harness.

This is as "tricksy" as I got. Clenching the rope with both hands and hoping they knew what the hell they were doing. (They didn't bother learning names, they just called me my helmet name, "LIPS", the whole time.)

There was only one way out once we repelled down. Oh, jeeze....and we jumped about 15 of these by the end of the day.

"I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky...."

This is when the glacier water really started to remind me that I needed to pee. Wet suits do not, in fact, keep you warm when you don't actually stay in the water long enough. I will not mention which sister, but someone peed in their wetsuit to keep warm.

Where is my freaking beer and cheese?

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