Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sooners go to Switzerland

I ran across these pictures today while trying to escape a toddler. They reminded me of a very different season in life. A season in which I was fearless, reckless and could be talked into anything as long as my sister dared me.

We were backpacking Switzerland together and she had the great idea to go white water rafting. Why 2 Oklahoma gals thought this would be a cinch I still have no idea. The only water we'd ever been exposed to was our family vacations to the lake. I assure you that no helmet was required.

So, off to the rapids we full body gear. I took it a step further and requested that Amy and I be put in the front to steer. (Everyone knows you get better pictures when you're in the front...)

This is what followed:

This is our lesson before they threw us in the raft. It was emphasized to have a "buddy" in which you would jump off the raft for if needed. Amy and I decided to be buddies because we didn't trust anyone else to go after our stupid asses if we fell in. (I have no idea why I felt the need to wear my helmet for the lesson....Oklahoma gal, remember?)

Please note our smiles and confidence.

Before the first big wave. Please note the look on my sister's face as she begins to realize that I am an idiot for putting us in front. I am still more excited about being in all the pictures.

Now, I am looking serious as there is more required of me than posing. I am also looking at the huge rock our little raft is now barreling towards.

I heard Amy scream and had my one "super-hero moment" in life and went after her. I grabbed her paddle, she held on for all she was worth and I proved my worth as a big sister.

This was right after the dude next to me requested that Amy and I not be in front anymore. Turd. We didn't budge.

What an absolutely perfect day.

More to come when I explain how she talked me into canyoning the next day. Apparently, it's illegal in the U.S. Of course, I said "yes."

To be continued...


Leslie said...

That's a great story! You all are brave. I'm excited to learn about canyoning...

Mum said...

Wow. Your expression when you saw the rock looks just like Cale's... right before he poos.....