Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Michael Jackson knew how to get the party started.

One cannot argue with this universal truth. Go to a wedding and listen to a Michael Jackson song; people will get up and dance. Test me on this truth, I submit that you will be unable to stay seated. If there is a boring wedding, Amy has the DJ play "Billie Jean" and the guests will start dancing then stay until we kick them out.

You cannot argue with the wedding planner on this one.

In light of this truth, we decided to learn the "Thriller" dance while the *tile was drying. We researched Youtube and I am going to a studio this weekend to fine tune my moves. (White, country girls need all the help they can get, my friends.) Oh yes, if there's a boring party in the future, the McCord Sisters are ready.

*I will post on the Great Bathroom Remodel as soon as it is finished and not mocking me from the other room. Until then, I have found comfort in my mastery of the "Zombie Walk."


Anonymous said...

ooohhhhweeee, says one country girl to another. I wanna learn that sexy dance.

Jamie said...

I'm anonymous