Monday, June 14, 2010

The Pregnancy Thigh Master

I took this picture last summer to inspire me to tone my legs. Meet my friend, Kristen, and her perfect legs:

Kristen and her legs just launched a DVD series for pregnant women. It's called PregoFit, and it's fabulous.

If I had this DVD series when I was preggers, then perhaps I would have been much less mushy at the end of my 9-month-plight. I might have felt better and had all of my ribs stay in place. Perhaps I would have hidden less Twinkies in my underwear drawer.

One never knows.

I do know that Kristen is the real deal. Certified trainer, healthy, fabulous and walks the walk. I could not be more thrilled to recommend this series!

As soon as I have the nerve to get knocked up again, I will have my credit card ready.

I might be jealous if she wasn't so darn sweet!

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