Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Little, Red Engine

I've wanted one for 2 years...ever since I discovered that cooking was not the devil's punishment for wives and mothers.

Daddy Doo presented it to me for my birthday. Bless his loyal heart, he acted confident in my skills. He didn't make wisecracks about my pumpkin roll gone bad, my peppermint cake that broke teeth, the unfortunate pineapple upside-down-cake incident or my E-Z Bake disasters.

My sister tried to follow his example. But, she couldn't help but look a little concerned when she casually asked why I wanted one, (the memory of the peppermint cake is probably too vivid in her mind...)

Here's the thing: I've been watching Food Network for 3 years. I've been reading Pioneer Woman. I've been checking out cookbooks from the library. I've been quizzing my 2 mother-in-laws and begging for tips. I've been practicing.

I think I'm ready.

Hello, Lover.


Staci said...

It will change your cooking world!! I love mine, unfortunately my baking lately has been non existant so mine has collected a little dust. Maybe it's time to bring it back into action.

Casey said...

I LOVE MINE! Congrats on yours! I got mine for Christmas 2 years ago from my mom.

Sidenote: I saw you at the park this morning. I did a double take because you and I have this lovely blog/internet relationship and we never actually see each other face to face. So when I saw you, I flailed about and tried to actually speak to you in person. But my two little ones were running for the splash park while you were getting in your car.... wasn't meant to be. Maybe someday :))

The Mills Gang said...

It's beautiful. Good luck girl!