Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Blogger

I don't normally host guest bloggers, but my 2-year-old son insisted that he share his thoughts about his Daddy.

So, a BIG welcome to Cale and his post:

Why My Daddy is the Greatest!

by Cale

When I pee in the potty, you act like it's the most exciting news you've ever heard in your life.

When you grill, I get to wear an apron and hold the tongs. I feel very manly.

You put your aftershave on my cheeks and we both make Mommy smell us.

You swim with me in my kiddie pool, even though I probably peed in it.

You teach me to say, "thank you, Mommy, for cooking for us" at every meal. That's going to make me a fantastic husband someday...if Mommy ever lets me date.

You take me on adventures at the park, museum, zoo, Chick-Fil-A, the pool, Incredible Pizza, the ranch and the backyard.

You sneak yummy treats to me when Mommy is not looking.

You wrestle with me and never get upset that I always win. My muscles are very big, you know. And, you don't freak out too much when our wrestling gets out of hand and I accidentally kick you in the.....area.....

You clean me, the sheets, the bed and the carpet when I throw-up. And you have no help because Mommy is gagging in the other room.

You read to me everyday, and even do the special voices.

When you come home after a long day, you play with me all evening and fill my little tank with Daddy love.

You're the greatest. I WUV you!


Casey said...

Love Cale's post...made me smile. Gotta admit that my favorite parts were mommy gagging, mommy not letting Cale date, and daddy teaching him to thank mommy for cooking. Great stuff!

Trait said...

My heart is a big puddle of goo. Thanks for warming my heart with this blog post today. I love you!

Kelli said...

Ahhh What a great post!!! I love it!!

Tracey said...

Oh Gosh...made me cry! Love it!

Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

So very sweet, lovely Cale/Mummy.