Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer School

Summer has been a busy time for my busy boy. He's had his very own summer school. In fact, it has inspired him to request a toolbox. I pretend I don't understand him.

His summer training:

Auto Mechanics

*Fixing my Jeep with Grandaddy. I was just hoping he wouldn't puncture anything important.

Home Interior

*Painting the trim with Daddy. I'm not sure who was wearing more paint after this project.

Home Ec

*Making nummies with GG. She would put in the ingredients, and he would take out the chocolate chips for a quality check.


*Giving his cousin a nice pedicure. Oh wait, this doesn't look right. The Manliness Police will be after me for sure this time. Crap.

1 comment:

Chells said...

OMG, I love the one of him filin' down Annlea's hoofs!