Monday, July 5, 2010

Mooched Mommy Idea #7: The Box Fan

And this Mooched Mommy Idea comes from Uncle Chuck:

Chuck loves 5 things in life:
1. The hot blond he's married to
2. His 2 little girls
3. A little honesty
4. Cigars
5. The box fan

His personal belief is that the box fan is the cure to all problems in life. Disruptive neighbors? Blast the box fan. Screaming baby? Blast the box fan. Having a knock-down-drag-out with your spouse?? get the idea.

It's the cure for all of life's inconveniences.

I've found it to be helpful in:

1. Putting cranky babies to sleep. The powerful whir takes them right to dreamland.
2. Blitzing out a tantrum.
3. Cooling me off when I need a time-out from mommying.
4. Drowning out the documentary my husband is blasting.

Thank you, Guru Chuck for your wisdom.

1 comment:

TClayton said...

Oh girl! I'm all over the box fan mooch! Only mine was because I married a kindred spirit of Chuck! Ron has a COLLECTION of fans, not just A box fan. He recently added a standing rotating fan for our upper balcony "to circulate the air" up there. ...However, I am SO mooching your idea of drowning out the documentaries!!!