Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mooched Mommy Idea #10

This mooched mommy idea comes from my good friend, Brad Pitt.

One evening, while we were all hanging out at my house, we started swapping parenting advice. Also, Angelina had an action movie coming up and she wanted some of my personal training tips.

Or, I was reading People magazine. Whatever. Anyway, he said that his best parenting advice is to give his kids a 5 minute warning when it's time to clean-up, switch activities or go somewhere. It struck me as good advice at the time, so I filed it away.

Recently, I've had to pull it out of the file as my little pumpkin poo doesn't like to switch gears as fast as I need him to. It usually looks like this:

Me: Let's go!


Me: Let's go, now!

Him: (Closes his eyes so that he can't see me or throws himself on the floor in a great protest.)

Now, thanks to my friend Brad, I know to give him a 5 minute warning so that he can start winding down. It works. He knows his activity is coming to an end, and he'll be moving on soon.

I need to have Brad and Angelina over more often.

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