Friday, December 5, 2008

My Saturday Torture Session

I can't avoid it anymore.

I won 4 sessions with a personal trainer at a charity event about a year ago. That's right, a whole year ago. I've tried to pawn them off to my husband in a great showing of self-sacrifice. However, they're about to expire and I have no other choice but to go in and hear the thing that makes a postpartum woman cringe:

Her body-fat check and BMI.

I know what's going to happen. He's not going to be impressed with my excuse that I had a baby a year ago. He won't be impressed that I went off sugar for the whole month of October. I also doubt that he will give me a high-five for doing yoga in the morning about once a week.

He's going to insist that I stop making excuses and start taking my health seriously.

In preparation, my husband is taking me out for cheese fries and buttercream cake tonight.

I, too, am ready to take my health seriously.


Justin Graves said...

Hey its good to find you in the blogging world!! Yours is too funny!! I loved the little boy info...sounds like my house! I feel for ya on the trainer sessions! I go to the gym every morning with the kids just to maintain my sanity. That's my outlet...gotta get all that mommy frustration out somehow! It would be nice to see you again...and this time really be able to talk!

Casey said...

Okay...oooops. I forgot to log in as me....Casey. That previous comment is obviosly from me, not Justin.

auntie said...

PERSONAL TRAINER..ahhummmmmmmmm:
You have my empathy...I can feel the pain! that would be on the botten of my list of things to do. To me "personal trainer" reaks with, and is all about pain. "DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".
Go to the cup cake shop instead.
That's auntie's advice for today--take it or leave it.

auntie said...

If you really are ready to get health, than here is my advice:

Put on the music... and you and your hubie get to danceing. And you can take turns dancing with the kids. This is the best and fun way to burn and build. Plus it won't cost you a thing.
Also get a jump rope--if you really want to see things happen, just start doing that and boy it will. If you can stay focused on these two things can build on them and go on from there. This will get your mine going on a direction to think of fun ways to get in shape and with the kids--- to get everybody in shape during all kinds of weather, all year long. Sorry about the cupcakes. lol

auntie said...

Any kind of pushing your stomach out---pulling it back in...working up to 100 times a day will do the trick for new mom's. Icsimetics I believe it is called ---I don't think that is how you spell it, I will sound it out--- I- si'- met- tricks (sorry i am so stupid, I can't spell worth a flip)
I hate to exercise, but this really put my stomach back together after I gave birth. And walking, I can't praise walking enough. I was back down to size 5 in four mouths time with a flat tummy. I filled plastic juice bottles with water and used them for weights...laundry bottles will do too. And I used canned food for weights also. Aerobic tapes are good. But truly get the ones that take you to a slow pace and work you up. Aerobics will really get you there and for the men who think Aerobics are just for women--just go there and you will see how Aerobics will bring you to your knee's...crying like a little baby!