Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Dreamt About Hamburger Helper Last Night

It's Day 3 of the "ruin Sara's world" detox diet.

I went to my second training session and am proud to report that I did not pass out, throw-up or yell at anyone. It was much less mortifying than my first visit.

I did, however, have to do 2 humiliating exercises called the "crab-walk" and the "fire hydrant." That's right, the "fire hydrant." Guess what that consisted of? Me hiking my leg like a dog for 45 reps. The "crab walk" involved sticking my arse in the air and walking like a crab twice around the studio. To add insult to injury, I kept falling down because I was trying to hurry to lessen the time my trainer was staring at my jiggly derriere.

I'm so glad he chose that moment to burst into singing the theme from "Spiderman."

I finished the day off eating a big plate of green beans and edamame. I wanted to grab my husband's plate of Hamburger Helper and make a run for it, but I figured I'd better be sweeter to him after the Jello incident.

8 more days to go!

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auntie said...

I am here cheering you on Sara.
I did my grapefruit-fast in you honor yesterday. It went real well, I was needing a good fast.I am thinking I might do a banana fast today. And I have switched from coffee to black tea. The tea seems to be better on my nerves system ( old ladies, all have bad nerves systems-it's from drinking coffee all their lives), where as the coffee would always let me down after a few hours, with a bang, the tea doesn't do that. Tea also hydrates me, where as coffee doesn't. It may be to late for my nerves system though, I think it was blown to he.. years ago, when I was drinking espresso, while living in Miami, with all those serious espresso people.

I wonder what 'acts' you will have to perform today? The crab crawl? I don't know Sara.................

OkOkOk I will stop--- I am with you--- Lets all go do the crab crawl...Jolly good, lets persevere... back to boot camp...upp two three four.