Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Friggin' HUNGRY!

My special detox diet started today. I woke up ready to take on the 10-day eating plan, but noticed an intense reaction ensued when my husband eyed my sugar-free Jello. It reminded me of when he eyed my food when I was pregnant.

Complete irrational food obsession.

I don't get to eat much at all, STAY AWAY FROM MY FOOD, PAL! He didn't help things when he logically stated that he could go buy me more Jello and orange juice. A hungry woman is not a rational woman. In my defense, I did tell him I would need extra grace this week. Poor guy.

So that's how my day started. Then, I had two 11-month-olds all day, and they chose today of all days to fight over every toy in the house. I noticed myself getting weaker and more tired as the day went on. This was Day 1:

Breakfast-Toast, 1/2 an orange
Snack- Cereal Bar
Lunch- Salad (I was tempted to get a taco salad from Taco Bueno since the diet wasn't specific..)
Snack-Sugar-free Jello
Dinner- Zucchini and edamame

It's now 7 p.m. and I'm getting ready to go to bed. I have another training session at 6 in the morning. I don't know if even the Backstreet Boys can help me now.


Casey said...

Oh my word...I have SOOO been in your shoes. We REALLY should talk. I am cranky when I am tired and hungry...and that's pretty much all the time. :)

auntie said...

Why Sara? Why? OH, forget it...

auntie said...

I feel bad...I know I haven't been supportive. I am sure your trainer is not the Devil I think he is, and to show you how sorry I am:

I have decided to go on a grapefruit fast tomorrow to honor your perseverance's. I am not sure I spelled that right, when you get my age, you tend to forget about half of what you ever learned (I majored in lunch period in school anyway) and the old brain turns to oatmeal. Let's see what was I saying...oh yeah, the devil--no, no grapefruit, grapefruit---time to focus. I will let you know how I fair...and you keep up the good work there...I know you can do it and carry on, jolly good, pip pip and that sort of thing.