Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Big Screw-Up

I thrive on organization.

So, imagine my shock, horror and denial when I was told that I had single-handedly booked 2 weddings at the same time. Seriously, I missed Wedding Planners 101 to make that kind of mistake.

One thing I do know about the wedding business: It is unforgivable to ruin a bride's day. Therefore, I immediately went into crisis mode: vomiting and Pentecostal praying.

After much negotiating, sweet-talking, um...begging and compromise we reach an acceptable conclusion that would involve 2 back-to-back weddings. Now, all I had to do was wait patiently, (obsess), until the big day arrived. Of course, I couldn't sleep. I would wake up at 2 in the morning and think about the flower orders or the beer kegs. There is also a distinct possibility that I got on the Lord's nerves with my panic prayers.

I expected people to laugh, tell me what a big mistake I'd made or ask me to reconsider being a business owner. Through that entire 4 weeks, what I didn't expect was grace. In my opinion, I did not deserve any grace for the screw-up of all wedding planner screw-ups. Yet, strangely, this is what was I got:

"It's okay, I'm sure I've done worse. I love you!"
"I can fly in and try to break-up one of the engagements!"
"You are the Chuck Norris of wedding planners!"
"I'll drive down and work for free to help you with the day."
"Every business owner makes mistakes. My nose bleeds daily. Take responsibility, fix it and move on."

I walked into the wedding this weekend, fueled and humbled by grace. Amazingly, the day was perfect. Our crew was flawless, our brides were happy, and there was leftover wine and cake.

Grace is a beautiful thing, indeed.


Trait said...

You are an awesome business owner (not to mention wife as well) and I was proud to get to help out that day (the leftover Choc beer didn't hurt anything either).

Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

You are the Chuck Norris of a lot of things in my mind. Love you, friend.