Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brush with Popularity

I've never been popular a day in my life.

Something about the "cool gene" passed right by me as I was the girl that desperately needed a Kleenex all the time and giggled at the word "sex" in the dictionary. My name is Sara, and I'm a dork.

Anyhoo- popularity was the golden medal and it just wasn't going to be awarded to me, and I was cool with that.

Until today.

Since I am the Mommy now, I am used to my decisions being regarded as unpopular by my toddler. I insist on green veggies in his diet, an early bedtime and manners. I am the one that takes his pacifier away and ruins his fun on a regular basis when that fun involves hot stoves, toilet paper or eating a giant stick.

However, as I enjoyed a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream this afternoon, my son, (who had been previously mad at me about giving him water instead of juice), ran up to me and made the sign for "please." (If you have ever seen him to this, you are well aware that it leaves you helpless and compliant to his wishes.) I caved and gave him a few bites, even though he's mildly allergic to cow's milk. This is what followed:

"Mmmmmm! Mama!"

Takes a bite.

"Thank you!" (Still sounds like "KANK you!")

Promptly gives me a big kiss on the lips....without being asked, begged or bribed.

*This pattern repeated every time I gave him a bite*

I let him eat the entire bowl. Both of our lips were sticky with kisses and ice cream, and I hung my head in shame for selling out his nutrition for 60 seconds of being the "Cool Mom."

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