Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Sara....

I ripped this idea off of Brad Paisley's "Letter to Me." I thought it was a brilliant concept. What would I say to myself at 16 if I could talk to her as a 30-year-old? Sweet Lord, here it goes...

Sara Ann,

Your Dad and Mom are not trying to ruin your life. You'll be glad you have boundaries, and you will eventually forgive them for all of those heart-to-hearts.

I know think you're too cool and too busy for your little sister. Let's be clear, you will never be cool. She's your soul mate- stop kicking her out of your room and stop acting like it's so inconvenient to drive her to school. And let her borrow your clothes.'ll want to borrow hers when you're in your 20's.

That guy in a rock band that you just know is the love of your life still lives with his parents. Move on and stop going to those stupid concerts. Stop spending your money on his band t-shirts, too! And please, for the love of all that is holy, don't ask for his autograph.

You will not die a virgin, and you are not the only one in high school not having sex.

Thank Mrs. Lee for changing your life. She passes away while you're in college, and you'll always feel a void.

Your parents are going to get divorced and it will shatter everyone for awhile. Then, you'll all pick up the pieces, heal and learn a "new normal." And it really is going to be okay.

Most importantly, I know you're kind of a wienie, but TAKE CHANCES! Try out for the play, hang out with new people, wax your eyebrows, study abroad, eat a salad, stand up for yourself and DON'T BASE YOUR DECISIONS ON FEAR!

One more thing, that little boy of yours will change the way you look at love forever.

Senior 96 Still Kicks,

Don't make-out with your boyfriend in the parking lot. A classmate will see you and tell everyone at school.


Chells said...

You can't blame yourself on the boy in the rock-in-roll band because it was the first one your stumbled if you did it twice, I would judge you.

And I will say, I was right beside you offering up my T-shirt too....shame.....However, I must say that by the time I went to Austin, I had long since been cured, so Prophacy served me well.

Quality blog.

Anonymous said...

I think I have a few more heart to hearts in me....oxxoo Mum

Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

I did one of these once and it was funny how cathartic it was. I loved reading it!