Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Days of Marriage

My friend, Donna Edwards, wrote this and I thought it was great stuff. It was timely in my life as I growled at my husband last night while addressing Christmas cards. Way to spread Christmas cheer to your husband, Sara. Really. Especially after he hung Christmas lights for you.

So, I thought I would share:

12 Days of Marriage

12 DAYS before Christmas!!

What are you giving your spouse? Is it a gift that will be forgotten by next year or something that will make your Christmas and marriage memorable?

Some ideas for a Making Marriage Memorable at Christmas:

1. Write a card or Christmas letter to your spouse telling him/her the attributes you love (not what they do, but who they are) - character qualities, talents, God-given gifts.

2. Plan a special time together before Christmas, just the two of you, without kids or friends or other family friends.

3. Go for a walk in an area with lots of Christmas lights (like downtown OKC), stop for a special coffee or hot chocolate drink.

4. Spend some time with your spouse talking about your favorite Christmas memories together as a couple.

5. Start a tradition on Christmas Eve, by yourself or with your children, and talk about the gift of Jesus Christ, and what He has done for you during this past year. Each person can take time to tell what he or she is thankful.

6. Commit not to say anything negative or critical to your spouse from now until Christmas ( a local marriage ministry had a great idea advocating 30 days without negativity in December, try starting with 10 days!)

7. As your family gathers for Christmas celebrations, find something about which to brag on your mate. Tell all of your family something great about him/her.

8. Give your spouse whatever you want the most from him/her - it might be grace or forgiveness or acceptance or a kind word.

9. Show tender affection to your spouse without expecting anything in return.

10. If your spouse is a Christian, share something that God has shown you that He wants you to do to strengthen your marriage.

11. Give your spouse a "to do list" break, don't ask them "to do" anything for you, but ask what you can do for him/her.

12. Be grateful for whatever your spouse gives your for Christmas, even if it is a tie or appliance that you didn't want or don't like.

Donna Edwards
Giving Life to Marriages


Casey said...

I love it! Great ideas and reminder of the importance of just being nice to your best friend! Justin and I have always had a "Christmas date" every year. We make a special night just for us to go out and do something for us. Sometimes we do something grand like go see the nutcracker and eat out, sometimes we just go to eat and the movies. Sometimes we give each other gifts on the date, sometimes just a card (if finances don't allow gifts). But we ALWAYS end the date with dancing to Christmas music around our tree in the dark. LOVE IT!

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Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

Where's Trait's comment on this? I was sure he'd have something to offer....