Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Toddler Academics

I decided to start doing "toddler school" for the wild ones. This is how it went:

*2 fun pages, colors, full bellies, ample reward stickers and personal space.

*Lola worked diligently for 20 minutes. She traced her "ones," needing little assistance and zero correction.

*Cale wouldn't even look at the offensive fun page.
*He requested a snack then smeared it on his work.

*Then, he quickly escaped from his chair and moved it over to Lola to do this:

*He pulled her hair and screamed to distract her from her studies. She kept telling him, "No, Cale, go work!"

After awhile, he was removed from the classroom for poor behavior. I wanted to write him up, but, alas, I am the teacher, cafeteria lady and principal in this endeavor.

So, I sassed him good and let Lola finish.

Eventually, though, he did get to participate in his favorite activity:

*Put Lola in the wagon and cover her with toys.

One of these children did not get an "A" on the first day of school.


Anonymous said...

He was confused.....he was having a time understanding the difference between his fun page and Lola's.....he couldn't think with Grant crying.....IT'S NOT HIS FAULT...XOXOO Granny

Tasha said...


End of story.