Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Playing Dirty 2009

The Annual Dessert Contest is well-underway. The sabotaging started yesterday with this e-mail from my Mother to all the voters:

Hello most revered friends, I just want to express how delighted I am that I will be sharing Christmas this year with so many wonderful voters, I mean revelers. I just wanted to assure one and all that I will be providing the winning dessert and not to worry re: the losers' feelings....they're used to it. Love, Kelly

It ended today with my poster:

Do you want these two making YOUR Christmas dessert?

I'm scared by my sister's retaliation. She can be as mean as a snake if you post bad pictures.

1 comment:

Chells said...

and if you SEND that terrible picture to my BOYFRIEND.........you're goin' down!!!!!