Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Day with my New Cookbook:Part II

Since my oven had not produced good results, I thought I would try with an iron skillet. How hard could it be? I looked online to see how to"season" my skillet. Next, I oiled it and put it in the oven for an hour. This happened:

Once it was seasoned, I assembled the ingredients and made the batter:

*Yes, there is a fire extinguisher close. Refer to picture #1.

I buttered and sugared the bottom, then poured the cake batter in:

So far, so good. I am following the directions perfectly, and there is a delicious pineapple aroma wafting through my kitchen.

I became concerned when I saw the black smoke coming from the sides:

I checked my recipe and corresponding pictures; and black smoke was not mentioned. Since the cake was still not done all the way through; I just laughed it off as some part of iron skillet cooking that I didn't know about.

I took the pan off the stove when this happened again:

After 2 hours of work and concentration, I present my pineapple upside down cake:

*Cuss word. Cuss word. Cuss word.


The Mills Gang said...

Oh no!! At least you are attempting to do this---what's my excuse?? :(

Tracey said...

I've never done mine on top of the stove; I've always baked it in the oven. Even there you need to put a cookie sheet underneath because it will drip over the sides a little.

Anonymous said...

I make/made mine in oven. Of course mine worked....xoxo Mum

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could make that for us Christmas.....xoxoox Granny