Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goodbye B/F/F

I took away his pacifier. His best friend. His beloved "nu-nu." It was a sad day, indeed. He cried, I screamed in a pillow, he wailed, I pulled out my hair...there was much drama.

It was time, though. He was two, had all of his teeth and was becoming a pacifier addict. I know there are many approaches, but we just went cold turkey and settled in for a few days of protest.

When he woke up from his first nap sans the "nu-nu," I thought it warranted a big reward:

It was touch and go for a minute- but I think he's gonna live, folks.


The Mills Gang said...

I can remember taking London's paci's away. The paci fairy had to make a visit to our house. It was a sad day indeed but her knowing that her paci's went to other babies who needed them more seemed to help! Hang in there!!

Casey said...

I also remember taking Charli's. She LOVED that thing. It was her bff as well. We did the cold turkey thing and just had her learn the phrase "da go bye bye." She called it a "da" and we don't know why....sounds pretty goofy to me. It was just as sad for me as for her because I felt so bad taking her favorite thing in the whole world. Gotta do whatcha gotta do. I did keep it in her baby memory box tho....I just couldn't part with it :)

Anonymous said...

I don't have to give up the ones stashed around my house do I??? I might need it on our bid camping trip...just saying...oxxoo Granny