Monday, May 31, 2010

Mooched Mommy Idea #5

I swiped this idea in high school Home Ec.

1. Yes, I was in Home Ec.
2. I was actually the Vice President of the Future Homemakers of America.
3. I do, in fact, see the irony.

Moving on.

In the unit on child development, our teacher brought in a huge can of shaving cream and squirted it all over our desks. Everyone in the class was 15 or older, yet we played in our shaving cream for the rest of class. I remember that it smelled much better in there afterward...

I forgot most of what I learned on child development, but I never forgot shaving cream day!

So now, I strip the toddlers to their diapers, squirt a pile of shaving cream and remind them not to touch their eyes.

Endless entertainment!

And it always smells fresh and clean when shaving cream time is done. Not bad for the former VP of FHA, eh?

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