Monday, August 2, 2010

Mooched Mommy Idea #9

My son has learned the word, "popsicle." He requests them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and at snack time. Recently, when his baby cousin tried to mooch a lick, he put it on his head to get it out of her reach. Dude means business about his daily treat.

I hate giving him all of that sugar and corn syrup, and have mooched these ideas from fellow mommies:

1. Applesauce popsicles. Just freeze no-sugar applesauce in popsicle molds. Voila!
2. Fruit Chillers. You can find them in the canned fruit section of the grocery store. They are mainly fruit juices with a little sugar added.
3. Frozen grapes, blueberries or bananas. All of these fruits freeze really well, and are quite tasty.

I am currently also looking for healthy alternatives to ice cream, cake and cookies. Not having much luck yet.....


Court said...

Never tried applesauce, but frozen grapes are AMAZING (of course I'm talking about my adult tastes).

Casey said...

Awesome applesauce idea. I make watermelon popsicles (just freeze mushed up watermelon chunks and drop like 2 or 3 chocolate chips in it to look like seeds). And I make yogurt popsicles (nonfat organic vanilla yogurt with frozen berries in it). I freeze yoplait whips for my kids and call it frozen yogurt ice cream. They dig it.