Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Celebrity Nurseries

Laughing at celebrity moms is my guilty pleasure. New-mommy cluelessness and lots of money have humorous results; especially when they design a nursery.

Allow me to introduce one such celebrity baby nursery:

Let's be clear that this room has never actually housed a real baby yet. When it does, the inevitable will occur:

1. A diaper will leak poo on that lovely, plush rug. It will always look a little yellow.
2. Cutesy knick-nacks will be shoved up a nose or worse, put down their pants for safekeeping.
3. Don't let them actually sit on that chair. Dirty hinies have no respect!
4. Hello sparkling windows, allow me to introduce peanut butter. With a booger or two thrown in.
5. That footstool is perfect for trying to reach the shiny chandelier for a good swing. Or giving it a good try, anyway.

Maybe I'm just bitter that I couldn't afford and all-white designer nursery for this little guy:

Then again, maybe that was for the best.


TClayton said...

I have to agree with you on the nursery thing...but I'm going for it on Zeke's "big boy" room. Pulling out all the stops. First we'll go to Home Depot and get one of those novelty ceiling fans with the airplane motif, then we'll order a MASSIVE wall mural of WW2 figter jets. Then Ron is going to BUILD him a toddler bed like an F4U Corsair. ps. we priced out the mural, it's a mere $650. No price is too high for our little bugger. (smirk)

Anonymous said...

We don't like white anywho....oxxo Granny

Carrie said...

6. Those pillows on the floor are going to make you trip and cuss in the middle of the night. Later, you won't know what to do with them because they take up too much space and you have to figure out where to store your exersaucer and breast pump.
7. That lower branch will be yanked down and used against you in a fit of "I don't wanna go to sleep and you can't make me."
8. I have officially crossed the line into stalking you, so I'll stop now. After I look at the pictures of your adorable little man playing in the water...